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Medium bowl – light tan


This versatile shallow bowl can be used to store almost anything, from fruit to eggs, bread rolls, gadgets such as remotes or headphones, every day items like keys, masks and hand sanitiser, to toiletries and make up in the bathroom. It’s machine washable, and made from durable and recycled yarn, so you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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This shallow crochet bowl can be used for storage in almost every room in the house… some ideas:

  • a fruit or break basket: this basket is machine washable, making it perfect for food storage
  • an egg basket: safe storage for eggs in the kitchen
  • a gadget basket: store remotes or keys in your entry way or on a coffee table
  • a toiletry basket: group soaps, facecloths and sanitiser in your bathroom or guest loo
  • make-up storage: keep everyday items close to hand
  • bedside storage: keep your glasses or contacts, mobile and face cream tidy and within reach

Colour: light tan

Size: 22cm x 9cm

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Weight 420 g